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CJ Industries cannot be held responsible for any goods lost in transit. Please ensure all goods are returned in the same condition as you received them. This includes packaging. We will endevour to assist in any way we are able but we can not be held responsible for damaged or lost goods returned to us.

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Your Online Security is important.

Threats can be avoided if you follow these simple tips:

Website addresses starting with "https:" are much more secure than those starting ‘http:’. The ‘s’ stands for secure, so always check this first before entering any personal information. On Safari a padlock icon is also shown at the top right hand corner of the window. Chrome, Firefox and IE also have similar icons shown in different places.

Make sure your computer software is up to date.

Keep your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or Firefox) up to date
(check the Help menu in your browser for more information).
Old outdated browsers are bad for users.
They expose you to security vulnerabilities, old design renders and
prevent you from experiencing modern up to date features. They also hold back web development.
Keeping your browser up to date wil give you increased protection
through Extended Validation Cetificates, prechecked phishing and malware technologies
as well as giving you all the benefits of modern apps, plug ins, synch capabilities and speed. Safari, Opera and Chrome also suppourt Media Queeries which will resize your window automatically depending on your monitor size or mobile device.
KEEP YOUR BROWSER UP TO my opinion Safari, Chrome and Opera will give you superior browsing expereince and greater security.
If you use your mobile phone or other mobile device for frequent surfing and web comunication then remember to keep these browsers up to date also.

Be careful what you download and be wary of email attachments or links in emails from people you don’t know or trust. If you don’t know the sender, or are unsure about the email for any reason, DON'T open the attachment.

If you receive an offer for a product or job via email or see an advert online that looks too good to be true, it probably is, so ignore/delete it.

Windows Users: Keep your Anti Virus Software up to date and run it frequently.

Something to always remember: Would you give a stranger in the street a blank, signed cheque? Don’t give out personal information online unless it’s absolutely necessary, and even then only to people you know and trust.

Always be wary of providing sensitive information, disclosing passwords etc. on unsecured WiFi networks. Almost all public WiFi hotspots and free internet access points fall into this warned!